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Blessed Paul VI


With Pope Paul VI’s recent beatification I was going back and reading some of his writings and found his letter to artists. I quickly made this image and shared it but I couldn’t help to share his full letter. It’s short and sweet, moving and beautiful.

We now address you, artists, who are taken up with beauty and work for it: poets and literary men, painters, sculptors, architects, musicians, men devoted to the theater and the cinema. To all of you, the Church of the council declares to you through our voice: if you are friends of genuine art, you are our friends.

The Church has long since joined in alliance with you. You have built and adorned her temples, celebrated her dogmas, enriched her liturgy. You have aided her in translating her divine message in the language of forms and figures, making the invisible world palpable. Today, as yesterday, the Church needs you and turns to you. She tells you through our voice: Do not allow an alliance as fruitful as this to be broken. Do not refuse to put your talents at the service of divine truth. Do not close your mind to the breath of the Holy Spirit.

This world in which we live needs beauty in order not to sink into despair. It is beauty, like truth, which brings joy to the heart of man and is that precious fruit which resists the wear and tear of time, which unites generations and makes them share things in admiration. And all of this is through your hands. May these hands be pure and disinterested. Remember that you are the guardians of beauty in the world. May that suffice to free you from tastes which are passing and have no genuine value, to free you from the search after strange or unbecoming expressions. Be always and everywhere worthy of your ideals and you will be worthy of the Church which, by our voice, addresses to you today her message of friendship, salvation, grace and benediction.


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Love God, Love Each Other

When Outside Da Box approached me with this music video idea it took me several listens to figure out a direction for this short. I

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wanted it to have a handmade feel yet keeping a sense of elegance. The video ended up with a good deal of style without taking itself too seriously. We went with a black and white theme, with gold as our highlight color.

This is the 25th installment of the 48-film VCAT (Video Catechism) series for teens. Films are being released monthly from October 2012 – September 2016. This original song written by Bob Rice and performed by Righteous B, Taylor Tripodi, Harrison Wargo and Born, drives home Christ’s admonition to love with no exceptions.

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The Entire Galaxy on Your Shirt

CelestialWe get to work with such great people. This is another shirt design we did for Kelly over at St. Lawrence. She’s great at giving us the right amount of direction and creative freedom. Kelly was looking for a shirt for her confirmation class that would be fun and something they would want to wear. Our ideas have gotten crazier and trickier to print recently and I’ve got to say we wouldn’t be able to pull off such ideas without the help of our preferred printer Real Thread. If you’ve followed our work you’ve heard us throw out their name, and I’m excited about more upcoming collaborations with them. We’ll be giving more tips and pointers for shirt printing in the near future. We want to deliver you the best shirt you’ve ever experienced and these incredibly soft specialized prints is making that happen. What’s the difference? Here, I’ll let Dru from Real Thread explain it:

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Steubenville Conference: ‘God Is’ promo

Conference season is about to begin. I love the opportunity to work with the Steubenville Conferences. The Youth Outreach Office of Franciscan University of Steubenville was looking for a follow up to the successful promo we collaborated on for the 2013 conferences. We carried out a vision of a blend of ancient sounds and chants juxtaposed against modern, fun, and energetic images. If you’re attending one of the 20 conferences this summer, let us know where and what you thought of the intro video. Maybe even you or someone you know helped us make it. If you won’t make it to the conference, check back here as we’ll post the intro after the conferences, it involves about 600 people from all around the country coming together to make one fun stop motion film.

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Art and Education


When I was in high school, I remember there was a special art certificate you would receive if you received an ‘A’ in eight or more art classes. I intentionally only took seven art classes. I thought excelling in art meant I was lazy. Today, I’m so far removed from this mindset that it’s hard to imagine how I came to this conclusion. Thinking back, it seems like it’s engraved in us at a very young age.

I was on a plane last week and the guy beside me was asking about what I do for a living. When he heard I was a video producer, he started to talk about his 16 year old and how he wanted to be film composer. The man got very honest with me admitting that he’s often discouraged his son from pursuing it with the reasoning being, “there’s no money in it.” While ‘the starving artist’ does still exist, I think we’ve never been in a better time to make a career out of being creative. The internet has opened a world that isn’t going to close down any time soon. Once art was a thing that was shared in galleries, long after the creator has moved on to his next project. Now we can share a poem, design, or video seconds after we’ve created it. It’s not easy and not for everyone to make a living in the arts, but creativity is necessary in almost every profession.

As we ship jobs overseas and find robots to check us out at the grocery store, one thing remains irreplaceable: a creative mind. This dad’s intentions were good, and in his honesty, was able to admit to me that maybe he had it wrong, maybe there was room for his son to follow his passion. I pray for this father and son and, as I start out as a parent myself, I’ve been reflecting on what and how am I going to teach my kids. What’s the first thing God taught us in his Word? He showed us how he created. And the fact that we have the opportunity to share in that creation is very powerful. I don’t have all the answers, and it is never easy to be an artist. I really want to hear others thoughts on a creative education. How can we better teach creativity in our schools and homes? How do you incorporate creativity in fields not considered ‘art’ careers?

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” -Pablo Picasso

I leave you with this video of a talk by Sir Ken Robinson on creativity in the educational systems (note: we did not make this video, we just really like it):

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30 under 30


I am honored to

be recognized among such incredible young Catholics on Focus’ 30 under 30 list. Focus is doing some incredible work in the Church and it’s great to see them shining light on a piece of the larger Church. I also had the opportunity to do a follow up interview with our friends at Aleteia.

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eCatholic 5 Short Film

Our first question with any group we get to work with is, “What is your mission?” Josh and the rest of the gang at eCatholic knew their mission well: “Make it easy for parishes and ministries to make

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beautiful websites.” Getting to hang out with the team really showed me their passion and dedication to this mission. I get lots of questions about where parishes should go for websites and I’ve been pointing at eCatholic for years now. So when they asked us to share their mission through a short film we jumped on the opportunity. I spent a good amount of time on the back-end of their new eCatholic 5 and I’ve got to say it’s pretty phenomenal how easy it is to use.

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New Store


Wahoo! It’s our grand opening of our new Likable Store. We’ve had countless requests

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for a store for quite some time and we are excited to finally offer some of our designs for purchase. Have a request for other products and designs? Feel free to send us a message, as it will be a growing catalog. For our grand opening use the code grandopening20 for 20% off.

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Dynamic Catholic – Do Something Bold

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